Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to the salt mines

So I get to go back to work tomorrow, after two full weeks off. It wasn't supposed to be that long off work, but an unexpected illness extended the time. I should be upset about being sick, but in a weird way it's been an okay way to start a new year. I truly got to ease into the new year with rest and sleep and just general taking it easy. It feels like I got a chance to shut down completely from 2007 and now restart tomorrow to go back to work. I've got a long list of stuff to do right away already but I don't mind. Having the extra time off gave me enough time to feel like I got completely away from work; I think I'm ready to deal with it again.

Not lots to report on here this weekend. I spent a good part of it doing laundry that I was really behind on. I even got the clothes out of the luggage from NYC and got them washed. It only took three weeks to do it too! We took down the lights outside down before we got completely sick of them. We still have the few x-mas decorations inside but those will go away soon I'm sure. They've already faded into the background and are nothing more than "white noise" at this state. I also sat down and got all the bills paid and up to date, which was something I had been avoiding for a while.

I've not been spending much time reading news and politics. I'm already sick of the 2008 election cycle and it's only the first week of January. By November the noise level will have become just one loud screech so I might as well just tune in at the last minute. I'm not confident that anything will change, regardless of who is elected. The Dems in Congress have had plenty of chance to make changes over the last year and they've failed miserably. We supposedly have two parties in this country, but in the end it's really just two branches of the same party. One branch plays the conservative bad-cop role while the other branch plays the liberal good-cop role. In the end, they both seem to want the same thing, mostly to get re-elected. It's just a sad self-serving plutocracy that perpetuates itself by accomplishing as little as possible. Anyone who upsets the status quo in government is a risk and is quickly run out.

Well, I think that's all I've got at the moment. Wish me luck back at work tomorrow.

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