Thursday, July 24, 2008


A resounding "Yes" to what this guy has to say...I think he's exactly right. I've never been one for organized religion and in the last few years it seems to have become more dangerous than ever in my lifetime as it continues to try to infiltrate governments and make itself part of everyone's lives. It's interesting that he mentions the Netherlands; I was recently talking to someone who lives in Amsterdam who was telling me that while the city used to be a safe haven for gays it's not so much anymore. There's apparently a large population of young muslim men who have no problem assaulting gay men and women, merely because they're gay, because being gay goes against their religion. Very sad actually.

Pat Condell's web site is worth checking out, as are his other videos. You can get to those others by clicking the phonebook-looking icon in the player.


Chris said...

Hmm interesting, and while I appreciate the general idea of his rant on religions and clergy, he seems to be specifically enraged by Muslims. So I'm not sure exactly what is motivating him. Is it his anger towards Muslims which is pushing over to religions in general, or his attitude towards religions which effects his attitude towards Islam? It seems the former to me.

I'm not against religions really. I'm against religions forcing public policy. If religions want to enforce specific rules among their adherents, more power to them. But I don't want them thinking that I have to live by their laws.

I do understand though that the speaker was using Islam as example, as they have a more visible evidence with Shariah Law. But still.....if you're going to point a finger, point it at all of them.

Grrrowler said...

If you read more about him on his web site and watch more of his videos he discusses how religion is no longer serving the masses by attempting to enrich their lives. It has, instead, become a political machine that serves to only further its own interests. He seems to have it in specifically for evangelical Christians, Muslims, and Catholics. I believe he targets Muslims most, at least in his recent videos, because of their desire to create Sharia law and how those laws are threatening to many civil rights.

He does mention, in one of his videos, that not all religions are guilty of this. To paraphrase, when is the last time you saw Buddhists trying to create laws around their teachings.