Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The U.S. actually woke up

My faith in the intelligence of this country has been slightly restored tonight. Maybe there is an end to this 8-year long national nightmare after all. While Obama isn't perfect, I'm happy right now. This is a big deal.


Chris said...

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

YES on Prop. 8 is leading in California currently at 55% to 47$ (or thereabouts @ 7:21 a.m.) Why is it leading? Because people are too stupid to think for themselves and will swallow what is thrown at them. Just read some of the comments of voters who voted yes on 8:

"I'm here because I believe in Prop. 8. Marriage is between husband and wife. Not Steve and Adam." – Lynda Jansson, Elk Grove resident

"I don't want them to teach him (her baby) about gay marriage. I want to be the one to teach him." – Vanessa Puga

"This is not a civil rights issue. It's a moral issue. It's a democratic issue. Gays and lesbians already have all the rights and benefits equivalent to marriage, except we cannot allow them to redefine marriage for 97 percent of the population." – Nancy Huang

". . if someone wants to go have "relations" with a cow, I don't care - just don't call it marriage." -menotyoutoo

(quotes from SacBee.com)

It's clear that people are led by deceit as none of these would have been a reality of Prop 8 had been defeated. It's all fear based, and the uneducated and Christian zombified lap it up.

We've still got a long way to go.

Grrrowler said...

Oh, we definitely still have a long way to go. There will always be Neanderthalic people who live only in fear, and expect everyone to conform to what they want. But, progress is made of steps. Having a progressive African American elected as President is truly historic. That is a major step for this country, and hopefully that type of step will allow the others that we need to take that much easier.

romach said...

Its so sad that the yes vote won in CA. I actually didn't think it would because there seemed to be so much support for the no vote! I hope you and your hubbies are doing ok and I hope you all have a nice weekend :-)