Friday, June 5, 2009

More christian values at work

Growing up in the 70's and 80's I was taught in school that all the bad guys were overseas: Brezhnev was in the USSR, Castro was down in Cuba, the Vietnamese were in, well, Vietnam. Anyone in my own country was an American-loving patriot and everything was kittens and daisies, so long as you were American.

However, since I've grown up it seems that the worst people are here in this country. Instead of it being communists, it's christian extremists. And, apparently they all use their christian god not only as a cosmic cash machine, but as a tool in their fight against politicians they don't agree with. What kind of "good christian" prays for the death of any other human? Have these people even read their own bible? I just don't understand that concept of "God hates people who kill and I hate people who kill, so I'm going to kill you." What kind of mental back flips are required to live that kind of cognitive dissonance, and convince yourself that it's not just OK but divinely inspired?

One thing I've never understood about christian prayer (which seems usually to be asking their god for a favor, rather than seeking enlightenment or knowledge) is that the one praying automatically assumes that god is on his side. What happens if two people are praying to their god but asking for opposite results? They each claim to have their god's ear and therefore their god's loyalty. How does their god resolve these conflicts of interest? This horrible baptist preacher is praying for Obama's death, but what if someone else who worships the same god is praying for Obama to live a long time in order to serve the country as its leader? Which one wins?

I don't even need to go into the problem with a religious leader preaching politics, but I do wonder where the IRS is and why they aren't questioning his church's tax exempt status.

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Chris said...

Simply put, I can't take today's Christian with any seriousness whatsoever these days.

They are pro-life...except for when it comes to the death penalty. They are for diversity, so long as it's only diversity they approve of. They say they are loving...except for people they hate.

It's ridiculous. I've found I've even kept my family at arms distance because I don't want to hear about their church ridiculousness about what causes they support, and which they leave out because they disagree with whatever.

My mother's church has a sort of outreach program. A group of women make prayer quilts to give to people who are, for example, going through a difficult surgery situation and are in critical condition int he hospital or whatnot. I suggested that she look into HIV/AIDS hospices like Bailey-Boushay House where often times people are alone, without friends or family, very sick and dying, and they could very much appreciate the feeling that someone, somewhere is thinking about them and has love for them.

The church group decided against it because those gay men who got aids, "led a lifestyle that leads to disease and death as a choice". And this isn't an Evangelical church, it's an Episcopal church but granted it's mostly little old ladies who's grasp of the modern world isn't all that worldly.

I can only hope the rapture will come true and take those "bible-believin'" Xtians away and leave a world of peace for the rest of us.