Thursday, September 13, 2007

A little of this, a little of that

It's been a full week since I've written anything here. This week has been much busier than I thought it would be, and I guess I didn't have a lot that I needed to share. Had a good last weekend however. Spent some time on the boat just hanging out, had dinner with a friend of ours on Saturday night and then went to the Puyallup Fair on Sunday. We had a great time at the fair. We mostly just wandered around and looked at things, and at people, but it was good. Rode a couple of rides, ate some, bought a couple of things, and played a midway game where we each won a prize for the other. It was a very nice time. I posted pics in an album even though there aren't many and they were taken with my fairly crappy camera phone, but there they are nonetheless.

Puyallup Fair

This week has been okay at work. I've been mostly working on Sharepoint issues (if you don't know what that is, you don't want to know) but it's been interesting. I got to be a hero a couple of times and that's always nice. Plus I'm learning some things and that's even nicer. My week was broken up with lunch out on Monday with J, lunch with the entire department for my boss's birthday on Tuesday, lunch with a couple of friends on Wednesday, and then lunch again with another friend today. Do we see a trend here? No wonder I've been so busy…

So we had an odd experience a couple of weeks ago and I keep meaning to write it down. We were going to dinner on Friday night and at the last minute decided to go to Eastlake Bar & Grill. It's a place we've each been to several times and it's been decent every time. When we pulled up to the place we noticed a few cop cars sitting out front and an ambulance pulling away. We thought it was weird but we went in anyway. The manager (whom J knows through work) said they were still open and led us upstairs to a table. On the way we notice a group of people hugging each other so I asked what was going on. He proceeds to tell us that a diner had a heart attack and died. Pretty sad stuff, and I thought it was odd that the restaurant was still open. Dinner was fine, but we couldn't help but notice the manager upstairs near us having a beer during our meal. So, we finished out meal and headed downstairs and noticed that the section near the door where the people were hugging each other had been cleared of tables. We also noticed a large white sheet in the corner with a bare foot sticking out from underneath it. The restaurant had moved everyone out of that section but left the body for the coroner to do a report on (the coroner was there as we were leaving). I personally would have closed the restaurant for the night until everything could have been cleared away. just didn't seem right for people to be walking in and out of an eating establishment with a dead body in the corner.

I can't seem to write any post without some sort of political comment, so I'll continue the trend. This story just has a really creepy feel to me. Something about fathers defending their daughters' virginity feels weird. A signing ceremony for fathers, and daughters laying white roses at the base of a cross? Sounds cultish to me. The problem is, a study (by a christian organization no less) found that abstinence pledges are not worth the paper they're written on. The results from the study found that of the young christians they polled:
  • 100 percent professed faith in Christ
  • 99 percent attended church
  • 84 percent grew up in church
  • 87 percent grew up in a two-parent home
  • 62 percent of males had premarital sex
  • 65 percent of females had premarital sex
So why are abstinence programs still such a cornerstone for these people? They obviously do not work. And, where are the mothers defending their sons' wholesomeness?

Not sure what's on the agenda this weekend. We might do some more painting downstairs. We also want to mount a new TV we bought to the main bulkhead on the boat. It will be nice to get that up. We used it last weekend and it was great but it took up too much space on the table. Otherwise we've just been booking lots of travel. We're going to southern Illinois to visit Jayson's family in early November, going to NYC with our friends B & C in December, and we're supposed to go to Anchorage in October as well. On top of that we're hosting Thanksgiving for at least my mother and sister. Lots going on the next three months or so.

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