Monday, June 2, 2008

The things you can find online

As is my habit, I was killing time today online while eating lunch at my desk. After all, who needs fresh air and sunlight when I've got my monitor for heat and light and a constant flow of air from the ceiling vent? Anyway, while following a link to a link to a link I was checking out this at everyone's favorite online retailing giant. From a political and social perspective it's mildly amusing and somewhat disturbing (the reviews are the funny part). However, Amazon thought that I might like this little gem as well. The price is pretty good; it's really a bargain considering the cost and difficulty in finding both purple crushed velvet and zebra skin fabrics these days.

The idea of the costume is funny enough, but some of the reviews had me laughing so hard I was crying. One of the best reviews is:

This costume caused confusion, March 12, 2008

By RunDown (Off to the left a bit)

This costume has caused our family all sorts of confusion. We dressed up our son in this pimp suit and took him trick-or-treating downtown. It was pretty crowded on the streets and we lost him for a bit, but when we found him and got him home he took off the costume and he had turned into a 40 year old black man with a strut and a disturbing tendency to want to slap around my wife and teenage daughter. I guess it's nice that he doesn't wet the bed anymore, and he says he can find work for our daughter, which is something he has never shown an interest in before, but we don't understand why he keeps wanting to call her Suga Smoov. Was there some sort of chemical in the fabric that we were supposed to wash out? We think perhaps we should have washed the costume before we put it on little Stevie (who insists we now refer to him as "The Hand").
Luckily the little girls don't need to be left out of the fun since there's also the companion piece (but hurry, only 1 left!).


Romach said...

Just checking in with you buddy and hoping you 3 are all ok
*sending loads of hugs your way*

Chip said...

I was laffing my ass off. Those reviews were the best.