Saturday, May 31, 2008


A religious group in San Diego calling itself The Resistance has decided that a logo that Starbucks is now using is somehow pornographic. The group very cleverly referred to Starbucks as Slutbucks. While that would be a great name for a competing coffee shop, it's really silly when referring to the new logo. It's amazing how some people can take anything and make it sexual. It's also amazing how a group that claims "over 3000 members nationwide" (or less than .001% of the total US population) thinks that the rest of the world should conform to their beliefs. Just more rightwing conservative wingnuttery.


Romach said...

Its madness buddy. But at least it brings us all some form of amusement.

Chris said...

Todd said:
"It's amazing how some people can take anything and make it sexual."

It's usually the conservatives who complain about this stuff that are more perverted than the people they complain about. Why are they so interested in the sex stuff?

These are also probably the same people who want to cover up classical Greek and Roman art and sculpture for being pornographic rather than appreciating them for great works of art.