Friday, May 23, 2008

Soggy camping

Since I have absolutley no mobile service at our campground, and I've been too lazy to get the laptop connected to wireless, I've not posted as much about our as I thought I might. Now that I'm in town for a few minutes I'm taking advantage of mobile service and typing this on my phone.

We made it to the campground in Oregon with no problem after a long drive down the coast. We headed to the coast after leaving Astoria and enjoyed the drive. It was much slower going than than the interstate but worth it. We stopped along the way several times, including the time we thought we were pulling into a state park parking area but realized we'd missed the turn and ended up in a driveway for a house. It took all three of us to back the trailer out of the place without hitting anything. We looked like the three stooges. We finally got to the campground around 19:30 without any further ado.

The next challenge was to back the trailer into the campsite. While it's not as difficult as it looks, it is not fun trying to back an almost-30 foot trailer into a spot only twice as wide as the trailer. After a little tweaking we got it, and without hitting anything (or anyone) too. The campground and site turned out to be nicer than we expected. We're right above the beach with a great view of the ocean. It's remarkably private and quiet too. It's also just a 5 minute walk down to the beach and there are some amazing rock formations and tide pools at low tide.

The only downside has been the weather. The forecast calls for sun every day but then is changed at the last minute to say cloudy and rainy, which is what we get. The camper has heat and is nice and cozy but we've not spent as much time outside as we expected. We're still enjoying ourselves and have done some enjoyable sightseeing. We're about to head to the aquarium after lunch and then maybe stop at one of the two lighthouses right near here. Anthony and I walked to the town of Seal Rock this morning to check it out. It's just a wide spot in the road, but it was a nice walk. Thiis afternoon we might hang out in the camper and play games.

I'm hoping we still get a chance to fly kites on the beach. Thanks to my friend C who loaned me two of his kites, we have five with us: three stunt kites and two just plain kites. I really want to get out to use them.

That's it for now. I'll do my best to update more if/ when I have service and anything worth saying.

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Romach said...

Except for the weather it all sounds great buddy.I hope it improves so you can fly your kites on the beach. Take some pictures!