Monday, May 5, 2008

Fear and ignorance reach another new low

Are there really people out there who are afraid of wizardry? Is it possible that there really was a child who was that traumatized by a simple magic trick? The article says that the teacher explained the trick and showed the kids how it was done. Even if the teacher was practicing wizardry, why should he lose his job? Last I checked wizardry was not illegal (but give it time if the evangelicals have their way). I can see how it's entirely possible that a child being raised in a household by christian extremist parents would think that a magic trick was the devil's work. It's the same reason witches have been killed in this country and others. Just ignorant people afraid of what they don't understand merely because it's different than what they've been taught. It's very sad.

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Romach said...

I agree with you on the Christian families. Anything that is out of the norm for them is probably considered the work of the devil hence frightening the lives out of the poor children.