Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And same-sex couples are supposedly incapable of raising kids...?

This story is really just appalling. The couple said that they were very worried about their adopted son but didn't bother to do anything when he went missing, 10 years earlier. How worried would they have to be before they were prompted to action? They obviously weren't that worried or they would have gone to the police, not waited for the police to come to them.

The opponents of same-sex marriage say that same-sex couples can't be trusted to raise children, and that's the primary purpose of marriage. If this couple is the kind of people who are supposed to be better than same-sex parents, I can't believe there is still any debate over the issue. Since the opposite-sex couples have clearly failed at marriage (considering the divorce rate) and at parenting in some cases (such as this couple) why not let the gays and lesbians have a shot at it to see if we can do better. I'm guessing that we can. And that's probably what the conservatives/fundies are worried about.

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