Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mr Fish

For my birthday in August Jayson and Anthony gave me a betta fish and a small but proper tank to keep him in. I never came up with a proper name for him, but over time he simply became Mr Fish. I set up the tank at work and with a plant in one corner he was very happy. He liked to sit in the plant and watch the movement on my computer screen. After I moved to my new desk he had lots of natural light and more activity to observe.

Every morning when I got to work Mr Fish was at the side of the tank to greet me. He did the same thing when I would leave my desk for any length of time during the day and return. He could obviously distinguish between me and others in my office since he seemed to react only to my presence and no one else. It was really nice to have him excited to see me. He turned out to be a good companion to have at work each day.

Over the holidays I brought him home in his tank since I was planning to be away from work a lot. I was also planning to change the gravel and get his tank cleaned out well while he was at home. Sometime over the last few days I noticed that he had started to get weak. He wasn't swimming as actively as he used to so Jayson and I quickly changed the water and got his tank cleaned out. After that he seemed to rally and be doing better.

Sadly, Mr Fish died this morning. When I checked on him first thing he was lying on his side alive but unable to move. That was really the end and by a short time later he was dead. I know he's "just a fish" and I'm surprised how attached to him I was in just a short amount of time, but he was a companion for me at work and I will miss him.. I'm really sad that he's gone and that I won't have him to greet me at work anymore first thing in the morning.


Chris said...

Sorry to hear about this :(

Should I get a Furby for your desk?

Grrrowler said...

I'm planning to get another fish, although a Furby would be interesting, if not slightly annoying.

Marc said...

Oh buddy, really sorry to hear about Mr Fish. We have 6 fish at the moment but had many more previously. I was really attached to them too as they become part of your daily life etc. We have newts also that we have had for 7 years. When they go I will miss them too. Maybe I should get you a little furry Irish pet and send it over to keep you company at your desk ;-)

The JAFer said...

Mr Fish is gone, but not forgotten. He served his purpose in life well, keeping you company, when life wasn't always going so well. In a sense as life started to return to normal, his work was done and it was time for him to move on to the next life. Now a new fish has come into your life, vibrant and full of color and life, and he will be there to greet you each day with the same vigor that Mr Fish became known for. Mr Fish lived a good life as it turns out. He had a comfy home, no other fish to bother him, and his only worries were what time he'd get fed each day. In terms of Bettas, thats what ya call a good life.

Grrrowler said...

So I did get another fish already. I have the tank, and it was all cleaned up and set up, plus I like having something alive at my desk (besides myself that is). He's a pretty red fish and he's already showing a lot of personality. He also seems really happy so far, and that's a good thing. I brought the tank in this morning and am keeping my fingers crossed that this fish (as yet unnamed) will be as happy as Mr Fish was.