Thursday, November 1, 2007

How to witness to someone who's gay

The short blurb that accompanies this video on the web page says " witness to homosexuals, showing how to share the way of salvation without causing undue offense." By it's very existence this video causes offense. Is there anyone out there who can explain to me why, with all the huge issues in the world today that need to be addressed, these folks are hung up on the fact that people are gay? Where is the outrage at mass deaths through war, starvation, genocide...people living in deplorable unsanitary conditions without enough food? I really think they should devote their time and energy to something that is truly important in the world.

This video is kind of long, but if you watch it in small pieces you might be able to stomach it.


Chris said...

It's all a piece of trash. Please notice the exact phrasing of the questions leads the "interviewee" to only respond with particular wording, which then our "hosts" rip apart.

Secondly they trot out the same tired lines against homosexuality (Leviticus and Romans) first, without giving it in context as with the book of Leviticus and admitting how many other purity laws the average evangelical christian breaks every snigle day of their lives. And lastly, that they can't admit the trashy pop-culture translation of the NIV Bible which Evangelicals cling to with a death grip without putting the original words with their original translations and context of the words themselves.

Just wish they'd STFU about Leviticus. If they're not going to be following every single damn law of that book, they should not even be quoting it.

I swear, Evangelicals are the most poorly educated people about their own religion. They need to take some comparative religious study courses at a college level.

I'm grouchy today :-s

Chip said...

But it's nice to know that Kirk Cameron didn't leave comedy.