Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend update

It's been a while since I've written much about what I'm up to so I thought I'd throw some out there. I guess there hasn't been much to write about in reality. Mostly life has been work and home and then back to work (I swear I wrote that same thing in an earlier post). Work has been busy but not too crazy lately, which is fine by me. To give ourselves a mini get-away we spent Saturday night on the boat. We don't do much over there, and that's exactly the point. We watched some DVDs and were pretty much couch potatoes while we were there. Around 2:30 in the morning a storm came in with some amazing winds. I actually enjoyed lying in the boat in the dark listening to the storm outside. Sunday we took a day trip to La Conner, a small town about 70 miles north of Seattle. The weather was still bad that day but we had a nice time. It was good getting out of Seattle and getting a different view for a little while. I uploaded the pics I took while we were there.

We're going to have a pretty busy time until the end of the year. We've got family in town for Thanksgiving (which means time to get ready for the visit), we're going to New York the middle of December, we've got a friend in town for Christmas, and in between all of that Jayson will have concerts with the chorus. Ugh

I've started going to the gym again. Well, I've been twice but that was within a week. I'm excited to be going again and I am enjoying it. I've still got to get with the trainer which should also help me along. It's definitely a good way to work out frustrations, and feel good about myself in the process.

I'm thinking that's all I have at the moment. Seems like there should be more but that's life right now.

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