Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big night out in Grants Pass

*This was supposed to post last night, but it something happened when I sent the e-mail from my phone.

Forgive the crappy cell phone picture, but it's all I had at the moment. I decided to snap a picture of where we had dinner tonight to prove that there are smewhat sophisticated places in rather humble Grants Pass. We were at Miranda Mae's tonight, a nice restaurant and jazz club. We had a great meal and got to listen to a jazz trio while enjoying our beer. It's nice to know that the whole town isn't all rednecks and old people.

I've been ejoying myself down here so far. We still almost 3 more days...sadly we have 4 days worth of things to do. Tomorrow we're headng down to Ashland to wander the town, have lunch, maybe see a movie. We're debating over going to some festival in Medford tomorrow or Sunday, and there's an Oktoberfest in a tiny little town called Wolf Creek about 20 minutes north. The Oktoberfest is, we're told, small but usually nice. The festival in Medford has local foods and beers but also things like a grape stomping competition and a "heffer futurity" (we're not what that is) that don't sound too interesting. I think we've decidedon the Oktoberfest at this point.

In any event, it's been really good to hang out with mom and just be on vacation for a while. We've not run out things to talk about, and we probably never would in 100 years.

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Romach said...

I am glad your having a nice time with your Mom buddy. Your making me want to go back to Ireland and see mine lol :-)Enjoy the rest of your time.