Saturday, March 15, 2008

Built Ford tough

I was awakened last night at 2:38 (to be precise) by the hubby saying "Get up...someone hit your truck". Let me tell you, of all the ways to wake up, that's one of the least pleasant. Our neighbors had called just a minute or two before to tell us that someone attending the party down the street was trying to park and ran into my truck. I got dressed and headed out front only to find the neighbors on their balcony watching the goings-on and proceeded to get the story from them. Apparently one of the revelers going to the party in his Honda was trying to park behind my truck and in doing so ran into it.

After looking over the truck with the flashlight I couldn't find any damage. After a few more minutes of looking I spotted some pieces of silver plastic on the tire. When I parked I had turned my wheels toward the curb and it seems that the silver Honda ran it's front bumper into my tire. What I had found were pieces of the bumper stuck to my tire. I guess when they hit they ended up with a hole in their bumper and I got nothing but some plastic left behind. My tire was stronger than their Honda, which really doesn't surprise me. There was no other visible damage to the truck. I'm guessing there's no problem with the alignment or steering but I'll check that when I drive it.

My neighbors had called the police and I followed up with a call this morning. When the cop showed up he had already run the plate of the Honda that my neighbor had so been nice to write down. He was going to contact the owner of that and I've got a police report in case there's anything wrong with the truck. I've not driven it yet but I doubt they did any damage. I'm still not sure how someone can not see a big red truck and run right into it. I'm glad they didn't damage it, but the whole ordeal made the for major lack of sleep. Hopefully the Honda owner learned that he should not have picked a fight with my F-150!

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