Sunday, March 30, 2008


I ran across this story yesterday and I have to say that it reinforces my personal opinion of Wal-Mart as a company (not to mention I absolutely hate shopping there). The condensed version of the story is that this woman received a settlement from an accident and, because she received medical care using the company's health plan, Wal-Mart is entitled to take the money from the settlement. I've heard of this in medical coverage on automobile policies but never in a personal or group medical policy. Maybe I need to check the fine print on my health insurance and see what it says.

What I'm wondering is why does a company that can post a profit of $11.28 billion a year need to recoup money from their employees in this way? A settlement after an accident is supposed to be to offset the lost wages for the person and to help provide care for the rest of his/her life. Apparently that doesn't matter to Wal-Mart and the company's greed outweighs the needs of its employees. Why don't these corporations realize that the employees are the most important asset they have? Without employees the corporation is nothing more than some legal documents and some inventory.

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Dale said...

My ex partner and I ran up against almost the same thing with the airline he worked for. We countersued and won back the settlement, interest and fees. We were an anomoly.

It just amazes me how corporations continue to have poor values and get rewarded for it.