Thursday, April 17, 2008

From 5 to 2

I've been trying to make it a regular habit of going to the gym lately, and so far I've been successful at it. Two of my friends were members of Gold's so Jayson and I joined that gym so that the four of us could go together. A few weeks ago we signed Anthony up on our plan (after straightening out our screwed up membership) so that he could go with us, or more so that we could go with him since he already had a regular routine. So, the plan was for Anthony, Jayson, me, and our two friends to go regularly. Sadly it's been a bit like herding cats to get everyone there at one time. Tonight four of us were scheduled to go and for various (valid I might add) reasons, it's down to two of us. In any event, I'm enjoying getting to the gym and am already seeing a little progress in myself here and there, which is exciting. Now I just have to keep it up...wish me luck.

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