Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Post-weekend wrap-up

As usual, it was a busy weekend, but it was about fun this time. In honor of Anthony's birthday (he's 37 in case anyone is interested) we took him for a surprise visit to the Olympic Peninsula. Having grown up in western Washington he has seen surprisingly little of the area, but we're changing that. We had told him we were going to go across the Sound for dinner and then come back across on the ferry and spend the night on our boat in Edmonds. It made logical sense as the ferry to Edmonds lands about 1/4 mile from where we keep our boat. Instead we had plans to drive to the north end of the peninsula where we had a waterfront cabin reserved for the weekend. Thanks to darkness and the winding roads leading to the place, he never suspected a thing. When we arrived at the cabin, he still though we were heading to the ferry. How he thought he the ferry would down a small gravel road I don't know, but he was too tired to question it I guess.

The cabin turned out to be even better than we expected. We were truly right at the water's edge and it was nicely secluded. We had a beautiful view out all the windows. Sadly we didn't get to spend much time outside like we had hoped for. It snowed off and on most of the weekend, which is unusual for this part of the state, more unusual at sea level, and even more unusual in late April. I thought the weather was pretty darn cool and loved it. It was a bit of a surprise waking up to 4 inches of snow on Sunday morning but it made for a pretty scene.

To entertain ourselves we ate a lot, did some sightseeing, ate a lot more, and just vegged a good deal of the time. We even had a rousing game of Scrabble on Saturday night. Sunday after we left the cabin we stopped in Port Townsend to play tourists again, then caught the ferry to Whidbey Island. We drove north to Deception Pass and did some light hiking around there before heading down to Clinton to catch the ferry back to the mainland. We covered a lot of ground that day and it sure felt like it. Back in Seattle we ended the weekend with a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant near home.

I was really glad we were able to do something fun and different for Anthony's first birthday with us. He seemed to really enjoy and appreciate it, and that was the most important part. I'll post an album in the next day or two but for now here's a sample pic of where we stayed.

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