Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thursday brain dump

Update: I just realized it's not Thursday, it's Wednesday...dammit!

I keep thinking I'll post more regularly on here, but despite my best intentions, I just don't. So, here I am again more than a week after the last of anything was posted here. I'm wondering if both people who read this are still paying attention...

I should have lots to report after a week, but sadly I don't. Work has been pretty busy, and I'm liking it. I have a lot more motivation when I have a list of things to do, and that's how it's been lately. I've been getting lots done and that sure makes the days go faster.

So at home it's also been busy, but a good busy. We started spring cleaning a couple of weekends ago but then got sidetracked. So now the house is messier than it was before we started. Something ain't right with that. We WILL be getting back to it very soon, hopefully weekend after next. We've got to clean out three more closets plus the loft space in our master bedroom closet. I expect to end up with a large collection of stuff to give away, which always seems to be the case. I always feel like some sort of pressure has been released when I get rid of the accumulated junk in the house.

This weekend is Anthony's birthday. We're going to be spending the weekend away from home, but I won't expand on that any further in case he's reading this. Anthony made his debut on the site when I posted pics of our Leavenworth, WA trip a few weekends ago, but I didn't mention anything about him, other than his name and the fact he was there. So, I figured I'd expand more on what his story is. We've known him a few months now and in that time he very quickly moved from acquaintance to friend to, well, boyfriend. We are officially what some refer to as a "thruple", which I frequently call a "trio". Yes it's a non-traditional relationship, but we're two gay men who consider our dog and cat our "kids" so we already had a good head start on non-traditional. Why not take it a step further? In reality, it's a nice thing. Neither Jayson nor myself has any immediate family within 300 miles, and most are much further away than that. When it takes a full day of travel to visit any family member, it's hard to feel very close or involved in each other's lives. We've talked about the idea of creating a larger family ourselves, and that is really what we're doing. We've got a couple of close friends who are family in their own right, but having someone else at home takes it to another level. I read somewhere that a thruple gives twice the sex with six times the emotional baggage, but that negative assessment isn't true so far for us. It's nice having someone else around the house, someone to help out with household chores, and someone to help when Jayson's depression becomes an issue. It's also nice to have yet one more person to share happy times and new experiences with, and another person to love and take care of, and do the same for both of us. So, that really is the biggest news around here lately. I'm liking how it's going so far.

Back to this weekend (wow, that paragraph took a left turn), I think we'll all have fun and Anthony will enjoy himself. Jayson and I are hoping to make it a good birthday for him, and I think we will.

We're still looking forward to our camping trip in May. My only concern is how much it's going to cost in gas to get from here to Yellowstone pulling a trailer. Last time I filled up it cost about $80 to fill my truck from empty, and gas prices have gone up again in the last few days. I'm hoping that pulling a trailer on the highway will give me roughly the same mileage as when I'm driving around town, but I have visions of us not getting to Snoqualmie pass (50 miles) before we have to fill up again (26 gallons). Only one way to find out I guess!

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