Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When does it get easy?

I'm trying my best to post at least once a week and my down time waiting for the rest of the entourage to arrive at the gym is a good time. Unfortunately I have to post frm my phone so it's slow and potentially typo ridden.

So when does it get easy? "It" refers to daily life. Yes, I realize that's a ridiculous question with an obvious answer of "never". What I mean is, when do the big issues in life quit popping up? Little day to day things like bad traffic or a rude cler in the market don't bother me. Those are just moments in time and are finished as soon as the start. The "it" I'm talking about are the big issues that really define a life.

Instead of speaking esoterically (I always hated that language) I should just say that we at my house are dealing with Jayson's depression again. After having it in small doses at low levels for years he went int a tailspin with it about this time last year and it continued for most of the rest of 2007. Around christmas he seemed to have snappedout of it and was his usual friendly happy self. However, since about February he's been going downhill again. When it started I remember thinking "I thought I'd have more of a break than this." Unfortunately it's continued to get slowly worse until this last week when it got drastically worse.

This is where I wonder when it gets easy. I thought we had things under control but apparently we don't, and that's concerning because I'm not sure what to do next. J is in his very early 40's and I will be 40 this year, and we'll have bee together 11 years as of May. I thought at this stage we'd pretty much have our routine figured out but in spite of our best efforts the universe keeps us guessing. We purposefully changed our routine by adding Anthony but that has been a good ting and he's been a big help, plus he's pleasant to have around.

So I'm not sure I have a point here other than just doing a brain dump. I'm wondering how crazy this will all sound, but what the hell. I keep hoping that as I get older and (hopefully) wiser that things in life will make more sense and be easier. Maybe I'm naive but I'm I still think that it should all be easier. If the universe and the gods are willing, it will be so in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

From my experience, it may not get easier. But we can learn to manage it better.