Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Compassion at its finest

The culture of hate in this country continues. Jesus would be so proud that his followers have taken his message and twisted it to use it for their own political gain. I'm no theologian, but I don't remember anything in the bible from Sunday school that says "Hate thy neighbor" or "Do unto others as you would never want done to you." I guess I missed that day in class. Anyway, this group seems to be such a parody of true Christianity that I'm beginning to wonder if that's what it is. I doesn't seem possible to me that a group of people could be so unfeeling towards others, so ignorant, and so hateful. It's like it's the ultimate satirical play making fun of fundy Christians, but sadly I know that's not the case. They're just a bunch of hate-filled people who have tried to use every recent major tragedy in the world to further their own selfish causes. They really are horrible people.

Very few people seem to take them seriously which is good, but what really bothers me is the pain they bring to people who have already suffered enough. Families of people killed in the bridge collapse (as well as those killed in Iraq, gay bashings, the NOLA flood, etc) don't need or deserve the extra stress and angst from petty small people like these.  One thing I'm wondering is how this group affords to travel around the country to picket at all these funerals? It's supposedly a small Kansas church, so who funds these trips?

You have to check out their press release too (PDF file). I couldn't help but laugh at some of the childishness and pettiness in it. "Better give our signs back." What is this, 5th grade? What small, pathetic people...

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