Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weekend wrap up

So it's been a while since I'd added anything here. Figured it was time to catch up. Had a great weekend last weekend out of town. Jayson booked a cabin for us out on the Olympic Peninsula, near Sequim, and it was really nice. We were able to take off Friday morning which gave us three days to do whatever we wanted. We couldn't get into the cabin until about 3:00 so we headed to Port Angeles to have some lunch and wandered around the waterfront down there. For the first time in over 10 years the dog voluntarily got into the water. I think it was only because something grabbed his attention and the wet and cold weren't enough to deter him from being nosy. (it was only seaweed that he wanted to get close to). We had a quiet dinner that night and hung out at the cabin the rest of the evening. Next day we spent most of the day driving around the peninsula. We were going to go to the Hoh Rainforest until I pointed out that it was about 100 miles away. We decided that it wasn't worth 4 hours driving round trip so we just wandered around the area east and west of Port Angeles. We had fun doing some walks, doing some sightseeing, doing some eating. Next day on the way home we decided to stop at Vashon Island to see if there is anything there. There isn't. At least nothing overly exciting for visitors. Now we know. Overall it was a great weekend. I felt like I got to relax a great deal and it was a lot of fun too. You can see some of the pics from the weekend by clicking the image below.

Olympic Peninsula

Now that I'm back at work it hasn't been relaxing. Lots going on this week but anymore that's typical for the job. Jayson is working an altered schedule this week because of the possibility of bad traffic, so he's not getting home until after 7:00. I'm using the time before he gets home to nap and catch up on some sleep. This weekend we're going to see the stage production of Young Frankenstein, the musical. I'm really looking forward to it since I’m a huge fan of the movie. We're also going to some friends' for dinner and game night Sunday afternoon. I always look forward to that.

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