Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The ex-gay movement is alive and well

I can't really add anything to the story here, but I wanted to post this in case some of you hadn't seen it. Clearly PFOX will never "get it", proven by lines like "unwanted same-sex attractions." They're the ones who consider same-sex attractions unwanted but they try project that onto younger gay boys and girls who have a hard enough time as it is figuring out their feelings and fitting in. To me this amounts to nothing more than bigotry sanctioned by the school board. The idea of PFOX's free speech being challenged is BS. As a counter to gay-straight alliances in schools, it doesn't add up. The gay-straight alliances are there to help and encourage young people and to foster a healthy environment in which everyone can feel safe and accepted. Groups like PFOX want to teach that what these young people are feeling naturally is wrong and should be changed. That's not the kind of thing that should be encouraged by any school board. It's not mentioned anywhere that I've seen, but I wonder if the school board chose to settle the lawsuit because of the pervasive idea in this country that everything have to be fair and balanced. What that usually means, as in this case, is that conservative ideas (especially those that have been discounted or proven wrong) are given equal air time as reality-based facts. Sometimes there is no such thing as fair and balanced. Sometimes there are only facts.

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