Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Morning

It's finally the weekend, and I'm glad about that. I'm sitting here having a pot of tea, Irish Breakfast for what it's worth. Jayson is upstairs still asleep so I let him be and I'm in the office watching I Love Lucy. One of the benefits of having a 3-story house is that I can crash around in the kitchen and he can't hear it on the top floor. The fireplace kicked on earlier this morning so the house is nice and toasty. Not a bad morning so far. On top of that it's cold and grey and rainy outside, weather I really like. There's not much on tap for this weekend. We're supposed to help a couple of friends haul something from Home Depot; having a truck makes me the default moving guy I guess. We're also going to go through our closets one last time and then take a large mound of stuff to the local AIDS alliance. We've had so much stuff to giveaway in the guest room that I can't get in there anymore. I'll be really happy to have that stuff out of there, especially as that room is supposed to be my practice space.

Speaking of practice, I had an interesting violin lesson this last week. My instructor and I spent the entire time in his home studio doing some recording. It was really a lot of fun. We're not done and may re-record some portions of the piece we worked on, but what I heard sounded okay (and I'm by far my own worst critic). When this one is done I'm hoping we record another Celtic fiddle piece I'm working on, and both might go onto a CD he's producing of his students' work. Depending on how I think I sound, I might even let other people listen to it.

After all the talk about the painting I've been doing at home I decided it was time to post a couple of pictures. I'm afraid that neither pic is the greatest, but they give an idea of the change.

Before                                                                               After

That's about it for this morning. It's getting late in the day, I've had almost a full pot of tea, and I think it's time I went up to rouse Jayson. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Trapper said...

Practice?? Practice what in the guest room? LOL Oh, I love the colours you picked out for your living room! Very nice!!!!