Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Tolerance Gone Wild"

After all, we certainly wouldn't want tolerance to run rampant through our society now would we?

This story, breathlessly reported on the Americans for Truth website, has finally exposed the depravity of San Francisco in general, and the homosexual (we prefer to be called "gay", thank you) community specifically. After 25 years of this going on, I'm surprised no one noticed this before now. Thank goodness the world has Peter and Allyson to let the world see what everyone already knows has been happening at Folsom.

Too bad they don't see the hypocrisy of the fact that they are not tolerant of the goings-on at Folsom, even though they made a special effort to be there, but the rest of the world is supposed to be tolerant of their religious beliefs. I'm sure there were people doing tattoos at Folsom so maybe they should have had "victim" tattooed across their foreheads.

The authors of this "article" mention that it costs $5 to get into the street fair. Then they proceed to decry the fact that people are walking around nude in public and performing sexual acts on public streets. Um...if you have to pay to get in, it's not happening in public. If you don't want to see those things, don't pay your $5 and don't go in. I can't very well pay to go to a football game and then complain about all the sports fans there, can I?

I also thought it interesting that the authors of this thing know exactly in what cities Steamworks has locations. Been doing a little research for upcoming vacations maybe...?

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