Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday Morning Rambling

So the weekend didn't end up nearly as exciting as I'd hoped, but then again I'm not sure what I hoped for. I did get caught up on a project that's been lingering since we moved into our house, 18 months ago. A small alcove that was ideal for holding some of our glass objects needed shelving and it finally has them. It's amazing how two 24" pieces of wood, some stain, screws, and $4 worth of glass can take a total of about 6 hours to make look like anything, but it did, and it does look pretty good. The reason this project moved up the list is that my mother is going to be here, for the first time since we moved in...18 months ago. It will be nice to have the place looking good for her first visit here, and sometimes a little motivation is all it takes to get these projects done.

I ran across a story today about Sprint cancelling some of their customers' mobile phone accounts. It seems that Sprint would screw up their bills and then the customers would call to straighten them out. Apparently after so many times complaining about Sprint's crappy customer service they drop you. It seems incredible to me that a company would actually drop customers for trying to correct their own mistakes, but I guess that's where we are in this country at the moment; the corporations are more important than the people. Nice that people are punished for questioning the company.

And now for something silly. I don't know why this always makes me smile. I guess because I hate the Black Eyed Peas so much.

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