Thursday, July 12, 2007

You mean it's not Friday yet?

In spite of being a pretty busy week, it's dragged on slowly so far. I'm not sure what's made it that busy either. Work has been steady but not crazy. Haven't done much at home for the most part. Must be the heat. When I left work for my violin lesson yesterday the thermometer in the truck said it was 97, and it sure felt like it. My instructor's house was really hot and it was pretty unpleasant trying to play in that heat. I was glad when the lesson was over. I can't say that I'm actually tired of the heat since I'm not experiencing much of it directly. I'm finding myself going from air conditioned house in the AM to the truck to an office which stays at 72 degrees all day every day. Then it's back to the air conditioned truck and then to the air conditioned house. The times I am outside I'm watering the plants or headed towards an air conditioned car and it's really not that unpleasant. So, I'm can't complain. (I'm going to get hell from Jayson for saying that!)

At work on Tuesday I quickly pulled together a video conference with our lab in Tanzania. The conference went well and everything worked like it was supposed to, and everyone (all 275 people on this side, and 4 on the Africa side) got a big kick out of it. It weren't nuthin really but I've gotten lots of kudos for it, so that's been very rewarding at work.

Y'all may have seen this already, but I thought it was interesting. The Human Rights Campaign is hosting a presidential debate discussing only gay and lesbian issues. Apparently this is a first, and it should be interesting. I'll definitely be watching, or DVR'ing it. Sad though that only 4 candidates have signed on, and all of them Dems. The Repubs will be conspicuous by their absence (I read that all have specifically declined the invitation) but that doesn't surprise me in the least. I'm sure they're terrified of having to go on-record with any firm stance on gay issues. I'm very anxious to see the responses from the candidates who do show up.

For a large does of ludicrousness today, there's this. I think we all should write proclamations saying that what we believe in is the only correct way of thinking and that everything else is wrong. Then we use that proclamation to justify our authority to issue the proclamation in the first place, thereby completing the circle. It's all just a giant piece of "because I said so!" If these silly christians can't even figure out how to work together (isn't it the same god?) why should anyone else listen to what they have to say?

Stay cool out there...

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